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Monster Horror Film The Beast Must Die poster

The Beast Must Die

Released - 1974
Genre - Horror, Mystery
Director - Paul Annett
Starring - Peter Cushing, Calvin Lockhart, Michael Gambon, Tom Chadbon, Ciaran Madden, Charles Gray, Marlene Clark

This is a fantastically hammy and cheesy werewolf movie from the 70's. The set up is exactly like a classic whodunit with an eccentric millionaire inviting a group of people to his remote mansion for the weekend. The twist is he suspects one of them is a werewolf and he is determined to find them out and hunt them down. As the deaths on the estate begin to mount up the audience are invited to guess which of the visitors they believe is the werewolf before the truth is finally revealed. This is extremely silly and although it never comes close to providing any scares it does build up the tension and mystery quite well and makes for fun viewing with a few friends as you compete to see who guesses right at the end.

Gore - no it is fairly tame and apart from the odd corpse discovery there is no gore

Monster - the "werewolf" in this movie looks suspiciously like a large dog

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