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Monster Horror Film The Ape Man poster

The Ape Man

Released - 1943
Genre - Horror, Sci-Fi
Director - William Beaudine
Starring - Bela Lugosi, Louise Currie, Wallace Ford, Henry Hall

This is a stunningly terrible film featuring Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist who manages to transform himself into a hairy ape man. He decides the only way to reverse the process is to withdraw spinal fluid from healthy people and inject himself with it and so using his pet gorilla as muscle he begins abducting and murdering people. A couple of nosy reporters begin to investigate and it is only a matter of time before they reveal the secret of the ape man. This is black and white with some incredibly hammy acting and the worst gorilla impression ever. It is extremely cheap and badly made in every respect, on the plus side it is only an hour long and it might give you a few chuckles.

Monster - a guy in a cheap gorilla suit and a very hairy Bela Lugosi

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