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Supernatural Horror Film The 8th Plague poster

The 8th Plague

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Action
Director - Franklin Guerrero Jr.
Starring - D.J. Perry, Leslie Ann Valenza, Terry Jernigan, Charles Edwin Powell, Nitin Adsul

A young girl takes her friends to go and search for her missing sister. The local deputy drives them up to Halcyon Ridge so they can explore an abandoned prison and they take it in turns to go all demon-faced and chop each other up. This is one of the worst plots I've ever seen, the story is just lazy nonsense and the script is laughable, even if the cast could act, which they definitely can't, there is no way you could deliver this braindead dialogue with any modicum of dignity. The evil symbol which drives them all crazy looks like someone smeared the number 8 on the wall with a turd. The only thing that isn't completely awful is the gore, the effects are actually quite nicely handled, otherwise this falls prey to one horror cliché after another. In the goriest scene of the movie a guy tears his own eyes out and to be honest watching this rubbish I came pretty close myself.

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