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Supernatural Horror Film Terror Toons 2 poster

Terror Toons 2

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Joe Castro
Starring - Jerry G. Angelo, Holly Hindman, Tina Mahler, Crystal Rivers

A young girl's birthday party is ruined when she puts on a Terror Toons DVD and a bunch of manic idiots in ridiculous costumes materialise and start terrorising the family, that also describes my night watching this heinous stain of a film. There is no real plot here, none of the cast can act and the effects are genuinely the worst Iíve ever seen. There is some badly done gore but everything has a mock cartoon style to it and they even use cartoon backdrops for much of the action. This really is awful brainless mush and if you can sit through the full cringe inducing 70 odd minutes then you deserve an award.

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