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Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Fantasy, Thriller
Director - Jeremy Haft
Starring - Jenna Dewan, Katie Stuart, Chad Faust, Bryan Clark, Melisssa Elias, Gil Hacohen

Tamara is a bit of a social outcast and she likes witchcraft. When the kids at school carry a bullying stunt too far she freaks out and ends up in a shallow grave. With the help of a spell Tamara returns from death with a new found confidence and takes her vicious revenge on the bullies and anyone else who gets in her way. This is like a combination of Carrie and The Craft and while there is little originality and the characters are not very engaging it is still quite entertaining. The plot is weak and it seems unfair that the worst revenge is visited upon the nerdy bloke who has nothing to do with the bullying stunt in the first place, but his death is nicely handled. The acting is passable, the direction is reasonable and if you want a mildly diverting lightweight horror flick this will fit the bill.

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