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Suspended Animation

Released - 2001
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - John D. Hancock
Starring - Alex McArthur, Rebecca Harrell, Laura Esterman, Sage Allen, Fred Meyers, Daniel Riordan

Suspended Animation, also released as Mayhem, is an independent thriller about an animator who crashes his snow mobile and knocks on the wrong door for help. Two crazy sisters let him in and before long he's tied up and in mortal danger. This film totally confounded my expectations by being really entertaining and veering off in new directions unexpectedly. Itís obviously a cheap production and the cast are mixed but they give it a good go and the storyline hooks you in and keeps your attention because it is unpredictable. The main character, Tom Kempton, is like a traditional female horror lead in that he keeps stumbling along getting other people killed. This is refreshingly different and strangely compelling.

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