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Zombie Horror Film Survival of the Dead poster

Survival of the Dead

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Drama
Director - George A. Romero
Starring - Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe, Richard Fitzpatrick, Athena Karkanis, Devon Bostick

A Romero zombie flick is always something to get excited about but Survival of the Dead is the biggest disappointment of the series. A group of soldiers turned renegade survivors fight their way to Plum Island where a feuding pair of families are locked in battle over what to do about the zombies. This western style backdrop, complete with hammy accents never meshes with the apocalyptic tone of the series and the characters are downright awful. All you can really cling to is the zombie action but an over reliance on CG gore reduces the effectiveness. Whatever way you look at it this just isn't a good film.

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Gore - there are lots of great gory deaths but a lot of heavy handed CG effects too

Zombies - Romero's zombies remain the original and best, slow moving shamblers

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