Eat Horror
Serial Killer Film Surveillance poster


Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Crime, Drama
Director - Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Starring - Bill Pullman, Julia Ormond, Michael Ironside, Ryan Simpkins, Anita Smith, Pell James, Gill Gayle, Kent Harper

This is a pretty twisted serial killer flick. Two FBI agents turn up at a backwoods police station and try to unravel a murder spree by interviewing the survivors. Everyone seems to have a different version of events and the tension soon rises to breaking point. Interestingly this is directed by David Lynch's daughter, Jennifer. She has her own style and clearly no small amount of talent and she creates a good atmosphere here and paces it well. Bill Pullman is typically excellent, supported ably by Julia Ormond, and there's a nice turn from Michael Ironside. This is an entertaining film with good writing, direction and acting so it's worth checking out.

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