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Supernatural Horror Film Succubus: Hell Bent poster

Succubus: Hell Bent

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Kim Bass
Starring - Robert L. Mann, Natalie Denise Sperl, Jayson Blair, Kelly Hu, Gary Busey, David Keith

An intensely obnoxious rich youngster named Adam flies to Spring Break in his dad's private jet and, while competing with his equally moronic friend to sleep with as many girls as possible, manages to get a succubus named Lilith into bed. She gets riled when he disappears in the morning and follows him back to his L.A. home to make his life hell. As the people around him begin to turn up dead Adam comes under suspicion from Detective Pei (Kelly Hu) and he enlists the help of a bizarre demon hunter named Sentinel (Gary Busey). The script writer has obviously been watching Top Gun as the dialogue is painfully cheesy and the strange inclusion of a number of badly filmed jet dogfight scenes did nothing to improve the film. With the exception of Busey and Hu who only have brief cameo appearances the cast is devoid of talent. The plot is terrible, the effects are cheap and there is no gore to speak of. It never comes close to scaring the viewer and ultimately it simply doesn't work as a horror film.

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