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Supernatural Horror Film Stevie poster


Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Bryan Goeres
Starring - Catherine McCormack, Jordi Molla, Silvia Tortosa, Ida Jorgensen

Maybe I've been trawling the depths of Netflix for too long but I actually enjoyed this one. Yes it is a pretty typical supernatural tale but it's nicely made. Young Isabel is adopted by Claire and Adrian. Everything starts out rosy but then she starts referring to a creepy imaginary friend she calls Stevie. Her disturbing comments develop into disturbing behaviour and Claire is on the receiving end of the usual batch of taps that burst into life and cupboard doors that mysteriously open. Adrian never sees anything, so like all good loving husbands in horror films he concludes his wife is losing the plot and encouraging the daughter's delusion. You'll probably see the explanation coming but it is well acted by McCormack and that makes the whole thing work. It's more weepy drama than horror in the end.

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