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Serial Killer Film Stepfather 2 poster

Stepfather 2

Released - 1989
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Jeff Burr
Starring - Terry O'Quinn, Meg Foster, Caroline Williams, Jonathan Brandis

The classic evil psycho stepfather is back. This time round he kicks off his spree by escaping from a mental institution having surprisingly survived the stabbing at the end of the original. He wastes no time in establishing a new identity, hiring a house in suburbia and setting himself up as a family counsellor. He sets about working his charms on the ready-made family across the street, a recently separated woman and her son. When the husband returns things start to get a little messy and then there's a snooping friend and pretty soon we're zooming towards a bloody finale. O' Quinn is really good as the apparently loving, if a little traditional, stepfather with a good dose of barely contained murderous rage. Like so many eighties horror series the original was played seriously and the sequels get increasingly comical as they go on. There are a few cheesy one-liners creeping in here but it has the same made-for-TV feel as the original which is part of the charm.

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