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Sci-Fi Horror Film Spontaneous Combustion poster

Spontaneous Combustion

Released - 1990
Genre - Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director - Tobe Hooper
Starring - Brad Dourif, Cynthia Bain, Jon Cypher, Dey Young

This is a strange film which centres on the idea of spontaneous combustion, the rare phenomenon that causes people to burn up from the inside and has no known cause. In Hooper's film the government is to blame as they experiment with nuclear radiation and unwittingly infect a family. Brad Dourif plays the anguished main character as he struggles to keep his internal combustion under control and understand what has become of him and why. This is fairly slow paced, the effects are dated and the plot is weak.

Bodycount - 6

Gore - no real gore just some dodgy burning FX

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