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Released - 2007
Genre - Horror
Director - Frank Zagarino
Starring - Josh Folan, David Fralick, Matthew Jared, Linda Johnson, Ginger Kroll, Lou Martini Jr., Giselle Rodriguez

This is a cheap, paint by numbers slasher flick. A serial killer breaks out of custody while being transported to a mental institution. Meanwhile a group of jocks and cheerleaders decide to go to a remote house to get drunk and have a séance. There's a daft ghost story mixed in and it turns out one of the girls looks exactly like the killer's lost love. He despatches his prey with railway spikes and soon sets about murdering the teens and the cops that turn up. The plot is extremely dodgy, the script is weak and the gore is cheap. In short this is completely unimaginative; if you've ever seen a bad slasher movie then you've seen this all before.

Gore - very little and cheaply done

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