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Zombie Horror Film Specialite du Chef poster

Specialite du Chef

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror
Director - Gregory Sacre
Starring - Ludovic Bergaut, Christine Bruneau, Ghalem Chenneh, Boun-Mi Vilayvanh

Short films aren't generally covered here but this French release arrived before I realised it was only 26 minutes long. The simple premise concerns a restaurant that seems to be keeping a larder of live human bodies. They are obviously serving a spot of long pig to their apparently happy customers. Just to spice things up a little more they are using a Re-Animator style serum to transform the captives into zombies. Why you may well ask? Well perhaps zombies keep for longer. In any case the whole thing is light on plot and dialogue and heavy on gore. There is some attempt at stylish direction which is only partially successful and the make-up is well done but as much as I like gore I also expect a few lines of dialogue, some characters and maybe a coherent story.

Gore - this seems to be the point, some good make-up jobs on show

Zombies - amateur actors who need to go to zombie school, at least they are the slow shambling variety

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