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Slasher Horror Film Slaughter High poster

Slaughter High

Released - 1986
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Directors - George Dugdale, Mark Ezra
Starring - Caroline Munro, Gary Martin, Simon Scuddamore, Carmine Iannaccone

Slaughter High is a cheesy eighties slasher film. A bunch of obnoxious high school students bully a nerd and accidentally disfigure him horribly with acid and fire. Cut to ten years later and they all return to the now closed school for a reunion. As the partying kicks off with the usual booze, drugs and sex the bullies get picked off one by one. The story is terrible and the acting even worse, this is clearly a cheap tongue in cheek effort played for laughs and designed to cash in on the massive eighties demand for slasher films. The one place they put some effort in is the individual death scenes and despite the cheap effects these are quite funny.

Gore - some comically imaginative deaths but they are quite cheaply done

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