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Cannibal Horror Film Skinned Alive poster

Skinned Alive

Released - 1990
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Jon Killough
Starring - Mary Jackson, Scott Spiegel, Susan Rothacker, Floyd Ewing Jr, Lester Clark

A travelling family of tanners kill off the random people they meet and skin them. This obviously owes a debt to several horror films but to mention them in the same breath would be wrong because this effort never comes close to being a good horror film. There are moments of slapstick humour which almost work and it has a demented kind of whacky style to it but the action jumps around all over the place and the cheap gore lacks any impact. It is grainy and gritty and without the zany gags it could have been unsettling but the comedy attempts are pretty relentless. The acting and script just aren't very good and the film really loses its way in the middle before picking up for the finale. I didn't hate it.

Gore - there is a lot of cheap gore on show here and it tries hard to shock but it fails

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