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Released - 2005
Genre - Horror
Director - Paul Gagne
Starring - Stephani Wells, Cory Nelson, Paul Gagne, Shaila Vaidya, Stacey Denson

This is an extremely cheap, sub-par slasher film which is completely cliché ridden. Marty Sickle is the killer, a slaughterhouse worker who was brutally murdered and returns to life to slice up anyone who stumbles into his domain. The usual array of teens provide the fodder, slutty girls, dumb jocks, a stoner and a virtuous girl who will obviously survive. The script is awful, the back story is like a list of ripped off horror ideas, the acting is woeful, the direction is dull and the effects are cheap. There's some gratuitous nudity near the start then a boring college party before they decide it would be fun to visit the abandoned slaughterhouse and the murders kick off. I've seen a lot of bad slashers and usually there's some saving grace but believe me when I say this film has no redeeming features.

Gore - a few very cheap and awful looking effects

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