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Zombie Horror Film Shaun of the Dead poster

Shaun of the Dead

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Edgar Wright
Starring - Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis

Shaun of the Dead is the best comedy horror since the Evil Dead films. This is an absolutely brilliant, action-packed movie featuring the cream of British comedy talent caught up in a zombie gore-fest. Shaun is a normal bloke living in London, trolleying along through the daily grind from work to pub to bed. He is a disappointment to his girlfriend and can't or won't shake off his best mate who is generally abusive and unhelpful. However in the event of a zombie attack Shaun is no longer the loser. He gathers his mates, girlfriend and mum together and decides to hole up in his local, while slaughtering a bunch of the undead along the way.

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Bodycount - around 60

Gore - some great gory scenes and lots of biting

Zombies - these are proper old school Romero style zombies

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