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Sci-Fi Horror Film Serum poster


Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama
Director - Steve Franke
Starring - Derek Phillips, Dennis O'Neill, Lizabeth Cardenas, David H. Hickey, Bill Sebastian

A doctor intent on developing a cure for disease works on a serum capable of miraculous powers but naturally there's a catch as his test subjects develop swollen faces and an uncontrollable urge to eat people. When his nephew gets hit by a car Dr. Kanopolus persuades his brother to turn the boy over claiming he can cure him but once again things don't go according to plan. This sounds like it might be a Re-Animator clone but it is nothing of the sort, it unfolds very slowly and spends a great deal of time on the nephew, his relationship with his girlfriend, his relationship with his father and stepmother and the fact he has just secured a place at medical school. The film feels more like a television drama than a horror; it is really quite boring for long stretches and even when some violent action does kick in it is poorly handled and without tension.

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