Eat Horror
Psychological Horror Film Satan poster


Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Thriller
Director - Kim Chapiron
Starring - Vincent Cassel, Olivier Bartelemy, Roxanne Mesquida, Nico Le Phat Tan, Leila Bekhti, Ladj Ly

To say this was a warped horror film is an understatement. Three loutish mates at a club accept the invitation of a flirtatious girl to go and stay at her house in the country. One of them brings his girlfriend; the other two are competing for the country girl. When they get there the extremely weird housekeeper, Joseph is waiting. The whole village seems to be inbred and the locals are not exactly welcoming with the exception of Joseph who grins like a maniac throughout and seems overly friendly. He tells them a story about Satan and things descend quite rapidly into madness and violence. This French film is quite unique and very entertaining although without Vincent Cassel as Joseph it would not have been anywhere near as good, his manic performance is awesome. This is packed with religious references, blackly comic and frequently provides freak out moments.

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