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Vampire Horror Film Salem´s Lot poster

Salem's Lot

Released - 1979
Genre - Horror, Thriller, Drama
Director - Tobe Hooper
Starring - David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres

Based on a Stephen King book about the small town of Salem's Lot, this made for television vampire yarn is engrossing and enjoyable. An old school Nosferatu style vampire is feeding on the local population and it's up to writer Ben Mears to stop him. This is low budget stuff and instead of gore or special effects this is slow, character driven and subtly creepy. It may seem dated now but as a kid this scared me and some of the scenes have become classic vampire references such as the floating vampire boy scratching gently on the bedroom window. It has a gothic feel and makes good use of the vampire mythos but it is melodramatic and slow by modern horror standards.

Gore - move along nothing to see here

Vampires - really creepy head vampire who looks like Nosferatu, these vampires have the traditional powers of Dracula

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