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Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Action
Director - Sebastian Gutierrez
Starring - Lucy Liu, Michael Chiklis, Cameron Richardson, Robert Forster, Allan Rich, James D'Arcy

This wants to be an inventive vampire action flick but it focuses on style over substance and the end result is pretentious and lacking a hook. Director Gutierrez also wrote this and he wastes an awfully good cast on a thin revenge story. Lucy Liu plays an investigative reporter who is raped and murdered and awakens in the morgue to find herself undead. She is angry and embarks on a revenge rampage mostly using a little crossbow. She crosses paths with a bitter cop played by Michael Chiklis who is also out for revenge because his daughter was turned by the same vamps. There is a fair bit of gore, some sexy nudity and loads of cameo appearances but this is more formulaic action than horror and the script and direction are weak. It should have been better.

Gore - lots of blood and gore

Vampires - no external sign that these undead are vampires at all

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