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Slasher Horror Film Return to Sleepaway Camp poster

Return to Sleepaway Camp

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror
Director - Robert Hiltzik
Starring - Vincent Pastore, Jonathan Tiersten, Isaac Hayes, Michael Gibney, Erin Broderick

You don't watch a film like this with high expectations after all it's the fifth instalment in a fairly sub-standard slasher series but even taking that into consideration it still manages to disappoint. The plot, script and acting are painfully dumb especially the main picked on character Alan. Everyone in the film was so obnoxious that a murder spree was fully justified and of course Angela pops up again in her most ridiculous disguise yet. There are a few imaginative set piece deaths but everything else about this film is chronically sub-standard and it was deeply boring and irritating for long periods. The biggest surprise of the film is that they got Vincent Pastore to appear in it; perhaps he is sick of playing mafia roles? It is obviously tongue in cheek but the attempts at humour just don't come off and there is absolutely no horror on display here. It's hard to believe this was really made recently because it does a great job of emulating eighties crapulence, too great a job.

Gore - they keep up with the imaginative deaths from the earlier installments in this series with some comical death scenes like the guy who gets his head deep fried but the gore is cheap

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