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Psychological Horror Film Red Kingdom Rising poster

Red Kingdom Rising

Released - 2013
Genre - Horror
Director - Navin Dev
Starring - Emily Stride, David Caron, Silvana Maimone, Etalia Tunrbull, Wendy Battersbee

Mary Ann is in her mid-twenties and still suffering from the after effects of a difficult childhood. She returns home to confront her mother and lay her past to rest once and for all. After a less than warm welcome Mary Ann falls through the looking glass and into a nightmarish fairy-tale world where she must face the Red King. This is a beautifully crafted film full of disturbing imagery dredged from the depths of our darkest dreams. The writing and direction are flawless, the acting performances have depth and integrity, and the perfect score helps to blend reality and fantasy seamlessly together. This held my rapt attention from start to finish, despite the fairly slow pace and predictable plot, because it is so damn stylish.

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