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Serial Killer Film Red Dragon poster

Red Dragon

Released - 2002
Genre - Horror, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director - Brett Ratner
Starring - Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Anthony Hopkins

Red Dragon is the third instalment of what could be termed the Hannibal Lecter legacy. It is dark, fairly fast-paced, and extremely well acted, but the direction and storyline are thoroughly predictable. It tells the story of FBI agent Will Graham, played by Edward Norton, as he chases a serial killer known as the "Tooth Fairy". Naturally this involves consulting Lecter who is rotting in the mental prison you will remember seeing, from the earlier films. If you are just looking for a mildly diverting thriller then you won't go wrong with this. If you demand more from your films then the predictability and soulless Hollywood feel of this film will probably disappoint.

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