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Released - 1973
Genre - Horror
Director - Don Sharp
Starring - Nicky Henson, Mary Larkin, Beryl Reid, George Sanders

Unintentionally comical film about a biker gang called The Living Dead who find a way to return from death as immortals and go on a killing spree to celebrate. Leader of the gang, Tom, has a creepy medium mother who conducts seances in her horrifically decorated stately home with the assistance of suspicious butler Shadwell. The two are involved in some kind of frog obsessed satanic cult and they teach Tom how to come back from the dead after committing suicide, he teaches the rest of the gang and they raise hell in the local community. No real gore or effects are employed here and there are no scares but it is quite funny as a bizarre curiosity.

Gore - nope not here

Zombies - these living dead bikers retain their personalities when they come back and they don´t eat people

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