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Released - 2010
Genre - Horror
Director - Patrik Syversen
Starring - Courtney Hope, Bruce Payne, Jamie Blackley, Saxon Trainor, Perdita Weeks, Ruta Gedmintas, Oliver Hawes

Selfish, small town girl Amber dreams of escaping to the big city. She drags her friends with her to see an apartment but they break down and make the stupid mistake of accepting a lift in the back of a truck. The driver has a baseball cap and a southern accent which any horror fan knows is a sure sign he's going to murder you or turn you over to someone else who is going to murder you. Cue vampires, shaky camera, splash of gore, irritating twist and sudden ending like they ran out of film. You'll have run out of patience by that point anyway so it's unlikely you'll care. This is weirdly drab and downbeat and there isn't a sympathetic character in sight. Best find something else to watch.

Gore - blood splatters, heads roll and limbs fly

Vampires - typical modern style vampires except they don't seem bothered by sunlight

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