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Zombie Horror Film Prison of the Dead poster

Prison of the Dead

Released - 2000
Genre - Horror
Director - David DeCoteau
Starring - Patrick Flood, Jeff Peterson, Sam Page, Kim Ryan, Alicia Arden, Debra Mayer, Michael Guerin

This is a really stinky pile of rotten guts. The script is hilariously bad, the acting is embarrassing and the special effects are beyond cheap. A bunch of obnoxious rich kids who like the occult go to a fake funeral located in a castle which used to be a prison. They resurrect a bunch of slow moving zombie style executioners and then take it in turns to get possessed by witches. Every time a witch possesses one of them they sit there dumbly while the executioner blokes stalk up and kill them. The cheap effects include blood squirts and glowing red eyes for the baddies. It is bad enough to provide a few laughs but do not under any circumstances part with money to watch this film. It is every bit as bad as the cheap cover art would suggest.

Gore - awful cheap blood, no gore at all

Zombies - three executioners resurrected from the grave but they aren't really zombies they're guys in plastic masks with axes and maces

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