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Released - 1982
Genre - Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director - Juan Piquer Simon
Starring - Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Frank Brana, Edmund Purdom, Paul Smith

This cult slasher flick tells the tale of a disturbed young boy who chops his mother up with an axe after she catches him piecing together a jigsaw of a nude woman. Fast forward forty years and a series of murders kicks off at a college. All the victims are young females and they end up chopped into bits usually with a chainsaw. The mystery centers on which of the dodgy characters on campus is actually the killer. It's tough to tell how serious this film is because there is plenty of humour but the bizarre logic of the detective in charge and odd dubbing provide some unintentional funny moments too. There are some great corny performances and the right blend of gore, nudity and general weirdness to make a highly entertaining slasher movie.

Gore - there are some impressively nasty gore effects here

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