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Supernatural Horror Film One of Them poster

One of Them

Released - 2003
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Ralph Portillo
Starring - Marianne Bennett, David Boller, Erin Byron, Kelly Carmichael, Chase Carpenter, Gary Cotton

The Marquez Academy is a school for troubled teens in the middle of nowhere. A group of teens have a car crash and end up in the academy infirmary. They unwisely decide to investigate the place and are joined by a man seeking his niece. It turns out the place is home to a creepy cult who are into all things supernatural and they've been sacrificing people and bringing them back to do their bidding which is mostly murdering more people. This is muddled and makes for boring viewing, there are a few scenes that clearly rip off better horror films but this obviously had a low budget as evidenced by the ropy acting and effects. I struggled to stay awake for the full ninety minutes.

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