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Supernatural Horror Film Night of the Demons poster

Night of the Demons

Released - 2010
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Adam Gierasch
Starring - Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Diora Baird, John F. Beach, Michael Copon, Monica Keena

Here's proof that there's nothing they won't remake. Like the eighties original this version focusses on a bunch of revellers at Halloween in a haunted house. After the police clear out the party the remaining group battle for survival as they get possessed, eaten and have sex with a bunch of demons. Can they survive the night? This is one-dimensional, big-breasted, gory daftness. The biggest scare of the film is seeing how Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) looks now. He does still manage to turn in the best performance, but with this cast that isn't saying much. This is deliberately silly, fast-paced nonsense and it runs out of steam towards the end. There's no attempt at genuine horror here, but if you want something that requires no thought at all then it fits the bill.

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