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Supernatural Horror Film Night of the Demons 2 poster

Night of the Demons 2

Released - 1994
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Brian Trenchard-Smith
Starring - Cristi Harris, Darin Heames, Robert Jayne, Merle Kennedy, Amelia Kinkade, Rod McCary, Jennifer Rhodes

A bunch of teens from a Catholic school, all of whom look way past school age, go to a Halloween party at the local haunted house and run afoul of the demon within, a girl who disappeared there years earlier called Angela. The escaping survivors unwittingly free Angela and she runs amok at their school party prompting a militant nun, a sceptical priest and some of the teens to go back to the haunted house armed with holy water and finish her off. This is quite gory, there´s plenty of nudity and it isn't taking itself seriously which is just as well because the plot is daft and the cast come from the school of hammy overacting. The campy comedy is extremely dumb and there are no scares so this is just nudity and set-piece gore effects.

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