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Never Feed the Troll poster

Never Feed the Troll

Released - 2010
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Jet Eller
Starring - Libby Seymour, Patrick G. Keenan, Sharrin Edwards, Michael Ruff, Will Joyner, Brett Gentile

This is a micro-budget thriller about an internet troll who picks on the wife of a reverend. She is chatting to some friends on a church website and makes the mistake of reacting when a mystery guest posts abuse. As all you Internet savvy people will know - you never feed a troll! The whole situation spirals out of control in a surprising way and things take a sinister turn. Now I have to be honest with you this movie has a made for TV feel and there are elements that don't work so well. Since the vast majority of the film takes place in a single room and the picked on Linda is mostly on her own she talks to herself to advance the plot. The acting is also ropy in places, although I thought the central character was perfectly cast. Despite its shortcomings this is a really enjoyable thriller, the premise is nothing short of awesome and with limited resources you can forgive the execution.

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