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My Name Is Bruce

Released - 2007
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Bruce Campbell
Starring - Bruce Campbell, Grace Thorsen, Ted Raimi, Taylor Sharpe, Ben L. McCain, Ellen Sandweiss

Bruce Campbell is a horror legend and this film celebrates his unique appeal. Co-written, directed by and starring the man himself this is a comedy horror about a small hick town afflicted by a Chinese monster called Guan-di. Brought back to life after a teen disturbs his resting place at the cemetery we quickly discover that he likes to chop off heads. The teen responsible, Jeff happens to be a huge Bruce Campbell fan and so he kidnaps Bruce and the townspeople try to persuade him to save them. He goes along with it until he realises the monster is real. This is a deliberately hammy B-movie with some great references to Campbell's career and loads of corny gags. If you love Bruce Campbell then you'll love this, if you don't then I fear there's no hope for you.

Gore - lots of be-headings and blood splashing everywhere

Monster - an angry Chinese god with glowing fiery eyes

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