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Zombie Horror Film Mulberry Street poster

Mulberry Street

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Action, Thriller
Director - Jim Mickle
Starring - Nick Damici, Antone Pagan, Tim House, larry Fleischman, Bo Corre

Manhattan is afflicted by some kind of virus which turns people into big hungry rat creatures. A group of survivors holed up in their apartment building try to ride out the chaos. The group are led by tough guy Clutch and he is awaiting his daughter's return from Iraq, when she finally arrives she proves to be just as tough as her father and they slaughter their way through several rat people. This was made on a low budget but beyond limited locations you would never know it, the director has gone for a bleak, gritty style and despite the familiar plot this felt quite fresh and different to me. He gets some great performances from the cast and resists the temptation to drop in corny one-liners preferring a tense atmosphere occasionally broken by bouts of explosive action.

Gore - lots of splatter and biting going on but nothing gratuitous

Zombies - these are actually rat people but they behave exactly like the speedy zombies from 28 Days Later

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