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Sci-Fi Horror Film Maximum Overdrive poster

Maximum Overdrive

Released - 1986
Genre - Horror, Action, Sci-Fi
Director - Stephen King
Starring - Emilio Estevez, Yeardley Smith, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington, John Short

This could well be the daftest Stephen King adaptation ever brought to the screen. The world is gripped in chaos when all of the machines rise up and attack people. The main threat seems to be trucks and we join a group of people trapped in a truck stop as they battle for survival under the guidance of cocky parolee Bill Robinson (Estevez). The opening scene in which King has a cameo as a guy using a bank machine only for the machine to tell him he is an asshole sets the cheesy tone for the rest of the film. King also directed this effort, quite badly, and it is chock full of explosions, destruction and soft rock. The plot makes no sense at all, a comet has coloured the sky green and apparently the machines turning on their makers is the first stage in a planned alien invasion. This is fun if you like corny bad movies but don't expect it to scare you.

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