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Sci-Fi Horror Film Man with the Screaming Brain poster

Man with the Screaming Brain

Released - 2005
Genre - Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Director - Bruce Campbell
Starring - Bruce Campbell, Vladimir Kolev, Stacey Keach, Antoinette Byron

Man with the Screaming Brain is like a B-movie horror from the 50's starring, directed and co-written by Bruce Campbell. It tells the tale of a successful US businessman visiting Bulgaria who runs afoul of a creepy gypsy woman and ends up in the hands of an insane Doctor who manages to rebuild his brain using bits of another brain, thereby fusing two personalities within him. Man with the Screaming Brain has its moments but for the most part it is a disappointment Bruce is always watchable but the pacing is bad and many of the jokes are groan inducing. Sadly this film is unlikely to raise more than a few chuckles.

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