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Slasher Horror Film Maniacal poster


Released - 2003
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Joe Castro
Starring - Brannon Gould, Perrine Moore, Heather Chase, Jon Prutow, Lee Webb, Carl Darchuck

Director Joe Castro has made a number of awful horror films which focus on gore to the detriment of everything else and Maniacal is no exception. The film is about a skinhead teenager who seems to have a learning difficulty and after being berated by his drunken father and molested by his stepmother he goes crazy and takes a hammer to them ending up in a mental institution. For some reason they decide to release him three years later but before they can he kills everyone with a fork and escapes. This film stands out as one of the worst slashers Iíve ever seen, it is so lazily pasted together and cheap that I couldn't help but laugh. The mental institution is clearly someone's house, they even have a white sheet on the floor, the supposedly teenage girls are in their thirties at least, the cop is wearing the cheapest outfit I've ever seen and none of the characters come remotely close to a convincing performance. Maniacal is terrible, trust me you never want to see this.

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