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Mad Cowgirl poster

Mad Cowgirl

Released - 2006
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Gregory Hatanaka
Starring - Sarah Lassez, James Duval, Devon Odessa, Walter Koenig

This film is set in the midst of a scare over mad cow disease and health inspector Therese is caught up in the controversy when her brother's meat packing company sells infected meat. She eats some of it and we join her on her journey into madness as the lines between reality and fiction are blurred and she carries on several bizarre sexual relationships and starts to fantasise about being part of some cheesy martial arts show. She seems to have a penchant for priests and Walter Koenig pops up with a bizarre performance as her main squeeze Pastor Dylan. This is pretentious stuff which makes very little sense and the narrative structure is abandoned in favour of disjointed scenes which seem weird for the sake of it. I'm sure there's plenty of intended subtext but beyond some twisted imagery there is little fun to be had here and I struggled to sit through the whole thing.

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