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Psychological Horror Film Lovely Molly poster

Lovely Molly

Released - 2011
Genre - Horror, Drama
Director - Eduardo Sanchez
Starring - Gretchen Lodge, Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Lauren Lakis, Ken Arnold, Field Blauvelt

Molly just got married to Tim and the couple makes the mistake of moving into her dead parent's house in the middle of nowhere. Tim has to disappear for stretches driving his truck and Molly quickly degenerates when he isn't around. We gradually learn about the skeletons in her closet as she descends into a psychotic mess. The big question is whether she's imagining the whole thing or actually being haunted. This film is just horrible. It's a depressing, ugly, mess with delusions of grandeur, forced handheld sequences that don't fit and an overreliance on a headache inducing soundtrack. It uses clichéd plot turns to strive for worthy status and it lacks the courage of its convictions, opting to open several lines of enquiry and not close any of them. There's nothing wrong with not spelling things out in a horror movie, but the writing here is ridiculous. Everyone around the not-so-lovely Molly is culpable for what happens. This is tedious and unpleasant.

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