Eat Horror
Psychological Horror Film Lockout poster


Released - 2006
Genre - Horror
Director - Ricardo Islas
Starring - Kris Desautels, Cyn Dulay, Claire Davenport II, Max Da'Silva, Veronika Balingit

Dan gets fired from his job and goes to live in the country with his wife and her sister. The sister is a dominatrix and soon runs into trouble with an extremely creepy local couple. Meanwhile Dan gets bitten by a spider in the basement and it seems to be the trigger for all kinds of weirdness. Sexual depravity, torture, cannibalism, ghosts and gory violence are all thrown into a big bowl and squished together here fairly inexpertly. This is inescapably low budget, the direction and acting are poor and the plot is perhaps over ambitious although it does at least have glimpses of originality. There is some well handled gore and a couple of chilling scenes which elevate this above most low budget horror fare but in the end it doesn't quite come together.

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