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Released - 2006
Genre - Horror
Director - Ryan Nicholson
Starring - Kevan Ohtsji, Taayla Markell, Stephen Chang, Colin Foo, Rob Scattergood, Ashley Schappert

This fits comfortably into the torture porn category with a similar plot to Hostel except the nauseating Americans in this film are in China and they make the mistake of visiting a sleazy porn theatre. The rooms are rigged with cameras and the big evil boss likes to watch his lackeys torture and kill any visitors stupid enough to come in and then eat them. The set-up is familiar and things play out exactly as you´d expect, the direction is over excited, the script is terrible, the acting is mind numbingly bad and all the characters are paper thin. The purpose is the set-piece gory murders and the copious blood splatter all of which is done well for a low budget production, if you are looking for anything else then keep looking.

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