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Supernatural Horror Film Leprechaun poster


Released - 1993
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Mark Jones
Starring - Jennifer Aniston, Warwick Davis, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Gorman, Shay Duffin

When Dan returns from a holiday in Ireland having captured a Leprechaun and taken his pot of gold he thinks he is in for the good life. The trouble is the Leprechaun is a murderous fiend and has travelled home in his suitcase. Via a laughable opening the diminutive monster gets trapped in a crate and released a few years later when Tory (Aniston) and her father move into the deserted house. He runs about killing people and searching for his gold with painfully bad quips all the way, some stupid scenes of unconvincing violence and a lot of cringe inducing humour. The film is packed with the kind of ignorant Irish references only an American could make. It is unintentionally funny and will leave you open mouthed in a car wreck kind of way because it is so mind bogglingly bad.

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