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Slasher Horror Film Kids Go to the Woods...Kids Get Dead poster

Kids Go to the Woods...Kids Get Dead

Released - 2009
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Michael Hall
Starring - Leah Rudick, Carly Goodspeed, Meghan Miller, Eric Carpenter, Andrew Waffenschimdt, Joseph Campellon

The classic slasher set up concerns a group of obnoxious teens going to stay in a cabin in the woods. They want to get drunk, have a smoke and indulge their filthy sexual urges but a big, fat man in a gas mask is going to stab them instead. This is a low budget tribute to slashers like the Friday the 13th series. It also has a cobbled together, pretend taped on video effect, complete with an Elvira style presenter. The acting is pretty amateurish, the script isn't great and it doesn't really provide many laughs. To be honest it feels a lot like the films it is meant to be parodying but without the parody and much cheaper. While it may be light on the comedy front it is even lighter on horror. You'd be better served by dusting off an old Friday the 13th movie and watching that instead.

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