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Slasher Horror Film Jackhammer Massacre poster

Jackhammer Massacre

Released - 2004
Genre - Horror
Director - Joe Castro
Starring - Aaron Gaffey, Kyle Yaskin, Nadia Angelini, Truday Kofahl, Jill Moore

Jack is a junkie loser and when he can't pay the money he owes he is injected with a cocktail of drugs as a supposed punishment, the drugs make him completely lose it and he takes a jackhammer to his dealer's face. We then flashback and learn how Jack became a junkie, which is extremely boring and poorly done, I dislike drug scenes in films generally, they are always unconvincing but this is an extreme case. I suspect this is an unsophisticated attempt to say “drugs are bad”. After killing the dealer Jack goes on a paranoid rampage and kills everyone else who enters the warehouse that he is staying in. The acting is awful, the script is just as bad, the director tries several bizarre techniques but none of them work and all you are really left with is a few nasty gore scenes.

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