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Cannibal Horror Film Isle of the Damned poster

Isle of the Damned

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Mark Colegrove
Starring - Peter Crates, Dustin Edwards, Larry Gamber, Keith Tveit Langsdorf, Patrician Rosa

This is a parody of 70's and 80's films like Cannibal Holocaust which featured gratuitous scenes of cannibalistic violence and gore. The film tells the story of Jack Steele who is hired to find the lost treasure of Marco Polo as he leads a small band of companions to an island infested with cannibals. They run into eccentric recluse Alexis Kincaid and have to battle a horde of natives intent on eating them. This is artificially aged with comically bad dubbing, cheesy outfits and ridiculous cheap gore which is completely over the top. It is represented as a lost classic which was banned amid charges that director Giallo used real scenes of violence in the film. For anyone who has sat through the cannibal films this is based on it offers a number of references and does a good job of sending up the original material. The humour is deliberately cheesy and there are loads of sexual gags. The comedy is a bit hit and miss and things drag a little towards the end but this gave me a few good laughs. It is daft anarchic fun.

Gore - some comically over the top nasty cheap gore including an homage to the infamous Cannibal Holocaust penis mutilation scene

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