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Supernatural Horror Film I Sell The Dead poster

I Sell The Dead

Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Comedy
Director - Glenn McQuaid
Starring - Dominic Monaghan, Larry Fessenden, Brenda Cooney, Ron Perlman

The film opens with body snatcher Willie Grimes (Fessenden) going under the guillotine and then joins his partner in crime, Arthur Blake (Monaghan) as he is interviewed by Father Duffy (Perlman). Through a series of flashbacks we learn of the duo's career as resurrectionists. They start out much like Burke and Hare but the corpses they dig up are occasionally undead and the cartoonish tale strikes an eccentric comedy tone. The cast is good and there are some nice touches of gallows humour but as much as I wanted to like this film there is no escaping the fact it is very disjointed. The writing, acting and stylish presentation are enough to make this a treat for horror fans and it is refreshingly different from the typical genre releases but it is not without flaws.

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