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Supernatural Horror Film Invitation to Hell poster

Invitation to Hell

Released - 1984
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Wes Craven
Starring - Robert Urich, Joanna Cassidy, Susan Lucci, Joe Regalbuto

This is a made for television movie from 1984 that's so bad it's bound to give you a laugh. Matt moves his family to suburbia after taking a job at Micro-Digitech producing a flame resistant space suit that fires lasers (not sure what the intended application is). Things turn weird when they are pressed into joining the local Steaming Springs Country Club and Matt notices everyone who joins seems to turn evil so he resists much to the annoyance of the mysterious Jessica who runs the club. The idea is somewhat reminiscent of the Stepford Wives but this is cheap, really badly acted and features the worst of eighties fashions. Craven directed this garbage just before he made the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street and he makes the most out of one of the daftest scripts ever but this is still a terrible film.

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