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Zombie Horror Film Insanitarium poster


Released - 2008
Genre - Horror, Thriller
Director - Jeff Buhler
Starring - Jesse Metcalfe, Molly Bryant, Lisa Arturo, Peter Stormare

You have to wonder sometimes how films like this manage to secure large budgets and recognisable actors. Insanitarium is the work of writer/director Jeff Buhler and he shows little talent for either in this muddy attempt at a cross between 28 Days Later and the Re-Animator. After his sister gets committed to a mental hospital our hero pretends to be insane so he can gain access and break her out. The hospital is full of flesh eating crazies driven to a lust for flesh by the mad scientist in charge who has been injecting them with his secret serum. The production values are high, so the gore and fx are decent, but the script and direction are cheesy. Better than your average straight to dvd horror but that's not saying much.

Gore - lots of blood and guts

Zombies - not really zombies just infected with a drug which makes them want to eat people

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