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Supernatural Horror Film House on Haunted Hill poster

House on Haunted Hill

Released - 1959
Genre - Horror, Drama, Thriller
Director - William Castle
Starring - Vincent Price, Carolyn Craig, Richard Long, Elisha Cook Jr., Carol Ohmart, Alan Marshal

A motley crew of five strangers are invited to spend the night in the House on Haunted Hill by a creepy host they've never met who is offering them $10,000 each. The house has a chequered past and is supposed to be full of ghosts, the guests are locked in over night and when they discover the wife of their host hanging from the ceiling they begin to suspect the cause is not supernatural. This is an eerie film with some creepy visuals and some nice scary stories. The film benefits from the clever direction of William Castle and the cast features excellent performances from Vincent Price and Elisha Cook. There is no doubt the film is rather dated now and it's very cheesy in places but the plot is great and if you've never seen it before it is worth checking out.

This film is in the public domain and you can download it for free from the - Internet Archive

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